am I crazy?

Probably :-) I have signed up for two completely different projects for March/April this year. The first is an online workshop called "30 Day Vegan." It is a whole food cleanse which starts on March 7th. I'm not entirely sure how much I will post here about it, but they have a cool button, so I figured I should at least mention it :-) I even got my husband to agree to it, which is pretty cool. Of course when I talked about it last night with him he said "wait, I didn't agree to that!" Oh yes you did bucko, and we are going full steam ahead, especially with the genetic cholesterol issues on his side of the family. We are not getting any younger here! We need to make a change now!

I am pretty much a vegetarian right now, not because I don't like meat, I love it, but we are at a place where we are not able to buy that expensive organic meat at the farmers' market. The stuff at the grocery store? Not even an option after watching Food, Inc. Plus, the addition of a crazy ambitious budget to pull ourselves out of debt, meat isn't on the table. We are lucky enough to have a great winter CSA and will have the summer CSA starting soon enough. So organic veggies aren't as costly as what most people expect. Granted, this means that I will have to adapt many of the menu plans for what we have available, but luckily I am pretty comfortable in the kitchen and don't have any issues with substitutions :-)

The other project? Project Simplify. It's actually perfect timing since we will be moving into the rest of the house starting around the first weekend in March. I did have a huge purge last summer in preparation for having the tenants move in, and us living only in one bedroom downstairs. I don't expect that I will be getting rid of too much "stuff" But, organizing and getting everything in a place, definitely will be happening. This project requires before and after pictures, that is not going to be very easy for me, I prefer people to not know what a disaster area I have been living in, but it will be nice to see other people going through the same issues as me!

Feel free to join in on either of these excellent projects for the beginning of spring!

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  1. I'm doing Project Simplify too. :) And, don't worry, I feel the same way about pictures, but hey, anyone that has a perfectly organized and clean house has no reason to be participating! We'll all be in the same boat!


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