Oil is over $100/barrel again. Wow. I am super excited about that! I checked oil prices on Monday, and by the time I ordered yesterday it had gone up $.10/gallon. We are filling up, and then hopefully we will last on this tank of oil for a while. I'm not that confident. This is a big old house. Yes, we have new windows and siding, but it needs new doors, and a lot more insulation! I am really wishing we had that woodstove installed right about now. Why is it that whenever we have a sum of money coming in and we plan to do x, y, and z, something else comes along and wipes out that money?! Always the way I tell you!

We had planned to pay down a good amount of debt this year, but now I am thinking that money is going to be for replacing our roof and hopefully a chimney for the woodstove. I think that we will have to put up that money this summer, because otherwise we may be paying $4/gallon or higher for oil next winter...and although we can hole up in one room and stay pretty warm, it would be a little nicer to have more space available to us :-)

I don't mind dressing warm, and in fact prefer it. The problem I run into? My 2 year old prefers to run around naked. How do you get a 2 year old to keep her clothes on? I haven't found many solutions...or any really! So heres to hoping we get the chimney installed for the woodstove we bought 3 years ago...and then we won't have to worry about being warm when oil continues to go up!

In related news, food is getting expensive. A pound of dry beans in my grocery store has gone up to $1.40, up from $.99 this past summer. I probably would be in a better situation if I could buy beans in bulk, but I haven't found a place to buy them in bulk yet. As far as everything else, well, we don't tend to buy too much from the grocery store anymore, mainly the staples, beans, flour, rice, sugar, oil. All of which have increased dramatically in the past couple of months. I am concerned how much higher these basic staples are going to go, and hoping to maybe stock up a little bit before that happens. I'm happy that we have the winter and summer CSA's so we at least have our veggies taken care of!

All the more reason to try and eat local organic food. The cost isn't driven by oil, and the money stays in our communities. Not to mention it is healthier and tastier than food from away. I will be following along at Wendy's blog for her 21 Days project. Should be interesting, especially with the state of the world right now.


  1. It's SO scary! I've been *trying to stock up on basics over the past couple of months - but I've noticed more people are doing that as well - and I think it drives the prices even more! Anyway, here's to eating local - I'm all for that and with Spring and Summer around the corner, at least we'll have more variety!!!

  2. Very thought provoking post. Found your blog through the 30 Day Vegan Workshop and am happy that I did. Will be adding you to my blog roll so I can read your blog on a regular basis.



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