I can't believe how fast time flies by these days. I think it hit me about 6 weeks after I had Jack. It has been a little difficult these past few months. Matt is working two jobs now, and even though he works from home, we don't actually see him while he is working. Most people would think that would make their days drag. But, running after two kiddos all day is a pretty fast paced day for me. And if I leave the house to run an errand? Well, it makes the days go even faster.

Is it just me? Has the 24 hour day actually gotten shorter? I think that is quite possible! I feel like if I stay in the house most of the day then the day is a little slower, but who really wants to stay in the house all day everyday?! I have so many things that I want to plan and think about, but don't seem to be able to, so instead I just continue to say "I can't wait until I can sit down and think about..."

I'm hoping that after this week, when we start moving back into the rest of the house, it will allow me a little more time to DO instead of THINK. Instead of moving around piles and placing more stuff in boxes, I will be able to actually have a place to put that stuff. Stuff that I do actually use, but have no space for when we are living only in half the house.

Everyone is sick right now, so this past weekend and this week are pretty low key here at Townsend House, but hopefully this weekend will be productive and everyone will be well. What are the chances of something going the way I would like it to? Hmmm...

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