Urban Homesteading

I don't think I would qualify myself as an urban homesteader. I live in a small city...but it is more like a little town. How did we become a city anyways? Something to look up later I guess! Anyways! There is a large uprising in the "urban homestead" movement right now. And since today is Urban Homesteaders Action Day I figured I should write a little post about it.

You can go here to learn more about what is going on, and why this day has come about. To me, it seems completely insane to try and enforce a trademark like this, but to each his own.

I am proud to grow as much as possible, wherever I can find space. I am proud that I know how to can my tomatoes and cook from scratch. I am proud that I am trying to learn as much as possible about providing for my family without relying on commercial products. And I think in a way, that does make me an urban homesteader. I certainly don't have hundreds of acres, I only have a quarter of one acre. I think that everyone has a different definition of urban homesteader, and I am happy that so much attention is being paid to this right now. Hopefully it will break out of the small community online and into the mainstream and more people will realize they are urban homesteaders as well. Do I have goats and chickens and grow thousands of pounds of produce a year, no, but then again, I live in Maine, not California :-)

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