Before and After!

Well, today is the day that I bare my closet to all of you. Now, you have to understand that we are still in the process of moving, so my after pictures look pretty funny :-) It has been a great week going through my clothes, and I am starting to get through the kids clothes and also my husband's. It is a process though. For me, it didn't take all that long. I got rid of clothes that I really like, but haven't fit me since before my first pregnancy...and I probably won't be fitting into them anytime soon. I did have to keep some things that I am not too fond of, otherwise I wouldn't have any clothes left over! I moved quick though, and I think that was the key. Did I get rid of enough? I don't know. I am sure I will go through it again before I get all my clothes in a new (yet to be built) closet.




OK, so I have a lot less clothes now :-) Actually, my jeans and sweaters went into my bureau that had been used as craft storage, but is now back to being for clothes. And those clothes hanging up? Yeah, they aren't staying in there. They are going to go to a temporary closet upstairs and this armoire is going to be for game/book/toy storage. Like I said, we are still moving. And I don't think I will ever be done with that! But, it was really great to get the whole thing cleaned out, and getting rid of clothes that I have been hanging onto "just in case" definitely lifted a weight off of me. Oh, and you may notice I don't have any cute little baby dresses in there anymore...I didn't get rid of those, they are just hanging upstairs waiting to be sorted and either packed away as keepsakes, or in the "to sell" pile. It is hard to part with those dresses that my babe only wears one time for pennies.

How did everyone else do?


  1. I gasped... I thought where are her clothes? Does she do laundry every day? :) Sneaky hiding all the stuff away in another dresser! Fantastic results!

  2. Great job! I got rid of a lot of clothes that I was saying "Oh, these will fit right...some day!" And, I just had to tell myself, if I do get back to how I was before baby, I want NEW clothes anyway! haha.

  3. Wow you weeded out a ton! Always a relief to get rid of old "baggage" and I bet it surely did work wonders to move quickly. Since we just moved, I had to re-assess about how many clothes I have accumulated during the last two years. Moving to the south required a more 'cooling' wardrobe, but now it's time to pass on what I rarely wear to others that can use them. Good inspiration!


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