Why is it that when I fall asleep at 7pm with the littlest of my littles, that I then wake up at 11:30pm, in turn waking my babe up, and then staying up until 4:30am? Me, not the babe. It seems like I constantly have stuff floating around in my head, so if it takes more than a nursing to get my babe back to sleep, well, I am up for the long haul.

Is anyone else like me? I have a million and one projects I want to start in my head, but I can never seem to get past the thinking stage. Maybe that is why I have so many projects in there! I have been spending some time going through the blogs of others that are doing the 30 day vegan workshop, and I am glad to know I am not the only one struggling to find my center and concentrating a little on *me* I know, selfish, right? But, I need some me time as of late. Eventually I will get there, obviously not right now, and hopefully the 30 days will help me!

I think this past week we have been eating like crap in preparation for eating really well! Think, subway for lunch and burritos for dinner loaded with all the extras. In fact, I am about to embark on chips for breakfast. I figure I deserve it since I was up all night :-)

The progress is very slow moving to the upstairs. We have friends helping this weekend though, so that will be nice. I have most everything clean now, but need to get furniture and other *stuff* upstairs. I am hoping that as I unpack boxes that we haven't been into the past 8 months, I will be able to get rid of more that we don't need. At the same time, there are some things that I know are packed away that I am very much looking forward to using again, and decorating my home with, pictures being one of them. I only have so much wall space downstairs!

The reorganization of my books is also a big deal for me. We have so. many. books. However, I have already gone through them all and gotten rid of as many as I am willing to part with at this point. I have been buying a lot more books on my nook, but sometimes I just want the actual book to look at. I guess I am still caught between old and new where technology is concerned!

Does anyone else feel that way about technology? I have to say that I LOVE gadgets, and if I had more money, I'm sure I would have every single one out there. However, I am really trying to take a step back from the internet as of late. I even went so far as to delete my facebook account. I figured that I really didn't need to be stalking all the people that I was friends with, so first I deleted about 500 of my nearest and dearest, which left me with about 70 people, mostly my family who did not post to facebook, and then some really close friends whom I try to actually speak to on a regular basis anyways. Lately, I have been feeling the need to spend less time e-mailing, and more time writing actual cards and letters.

I think this is a trend in most parts of my life right now though. I, on one hand, want to be self-sufficient, eat an all local diet, have little chickens and goats running around my yard; and at the same time want to live in a nice little suburb with the opportunity to buy whatever I want and fully live in the consuming society at large. OK, so I am weird. But, anyone who knows me already knew that :-)

A few of the things ruminating in my mind on very little sleep last night. Hope it is coherant!


  1. I can see you out there, chasing your chicken and goats now....at 4am!

  2. Definitely sounds like you've got a lot going on over there! I'm with you on the technology thing--I'm definitely in the laggard category where as the hub is more the "early adopter" type. I just got an Iphone, but half the time I forget it has internet on it. When it comes to book though, I definitely have to have the legit paper copy...and then 9 times out of 10 I either sell it or pass it on to someone else I know will enjoy it. We definitely have some books that we hold on to, but most we part with. With the move, I'm feeling the need to weed out things also! Hope the transition upstairs goes well! ENJOY!


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