I love coffee. I was thinking about giving it up for the 30 Day Vegan workshop, and I did for a couple days, mainly because I had a sore throat and I prefer tea when I don't feel well, but I decided I would keep my coffee. There is something so nice about sitting down with coffee in the still of the morning. Granted, still and morning don't really go together in my house...but once in a while I get the chance for some quiet and really enjoy my coffee. More often than not I end up reheating my cup several times throughout the morning because I am interrupted for some reason or another.

This morning I was able to visit with my very good friend and have some coffee. It was lovely. Her youngest and my oldest seem to play really well together, which is nice. Not to mention she doesn't mind my house a complete disaster area. Getting out of the house with two babies doesn't happen all that often for me (without my husband), so having some adult conversation is also nice.

So, even though I probably should give up some caffiene, I am deciding not to. It is the little things that really make life worth living these days, and since I am not eating cheese, I might as well keep one of my vices :-) What about you? Coffee? Tea? Neither?


  1. Kept the coffee, I love a hot cup first thing in the morning, though I am adding soy milk rather than skim this month.

  2. Love me some coffee also! Hub lived in Italy and my former housemate had spent a year in Italy, so we use the Italian stove top espresso carafe---love it--makes one large cup, add some creamer, and my morning starts off well. It didn't matter how hot it was outside--I still started off with coffee. It wasn't until finals week of my freshman year of college that I ever aquired a taste for it and I've given it up a few times since then, but Granny is adamant that coffee is good for us (and recent health research shows that a cup to two a day does have some positive health gains) I always go back. So glad you got some time with a good friend---I can imagine that adult conversation can really be a blessing! Hope you have a great weekend gal!


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