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Well, the kiddos have been sick. It seems like forever ago that they got sick, but it has only been a couple weeks. Having sick babes is not very pleasurable for me, probably not for anyone actually!

Our tenants moved out late last night. I am in full cleaning mode now. Technically I should be waiting until the start of project simplify but I at least need to get the general cleaning from the tenants done. I'm also attempting to get all of our stuff into the additional 5 rooms upstairs. It isn't quite the way I wanted to move upstairs. I had these grand ideas of painting, and redoing, but these will not be happening now. So, we make due until this summer when we can accomplish some of these things!

Today is also the unofficial start of the 30 day vegan cleanse. This is the one I am most excited about. I don't necessarily want to be a vegan, but I think this is right up my alley, and I could definitely use the encouragement and community that this program is going to allow. Next Monday is the real start date, but we gained access to the website today, and that is very important. I am hoping that I can stay strong through the next 30 days. And I also hope that I don't go completely broke from buying the food :-) Heather has talked a lot about this being an individual experience that can be adapted to each person's needs. It will be nice to do something for myself for a change. I definitely have been having a rough time of it as of late, and this will hopefully help me get back on track. Who knew 2 babes would be as difficult as it has been?!

In other news, we have gotten MORE snow. I think this winter is making up for last winter. In Maine last year I remember I planted my peas the first weekend in March...that is definitely not happening this year! But, I think that warmer temps are on the way, and having the sun out today is helping my mood!!


  1. I can't wait to read all about the Vegan cleanse, if you choose to share ;)

    March 1st - we're getting closer to less snow...but more baby birthdays and that makes me oh, so sad but grateful for all that we have!

  2. Happy March! Will be interested in watching your experiences with the move upstairs and with the vegan cleanse. I was a quasi vegan for about 6-7 years and actually really enjoyed it---at its core I felt a lot healthier not being weighed down by the dairy. Hope the kiddos get over the cold soon---can imagine that can get pretty overwhelming! Sending lots of positive energy in your direction :)

  3. Hope you enjoy the 30dayvegan cleanse. i am doing it with you. and i hope the kiddies feel better soon- nothing worse than your little ones up at night and sick. xom .


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