hot spot #2 I found out this week's hot spot. Ummm...paper clutter. This is slightly concerning to me. I don't really have a problem with junk mail coming into the house, I always immediately get rid of it. I do tend to stack up a lot of newspapers though...getting ready for my garden this summer. My big issue? Filing away all of my bills. Most people I think get rid of most of their bills, for us, due to having tenants in our home (well, for the past 5 years), we need to keep all of those bills for tax reasons. That makes for A LOT of paper clutter.

I had hoped to start the new year with a new printer that I could scan all the bills. One with an auto feed for the mountains of paper that I have in a pile in my filing cabinet - not in files. However, that didn't happen for one reason or another. And now I am left with said pile. We are paperless for a lot of things now, but man, all that old paper that needs to be put somewhere. I'm not even sure a week would be enough time to do it! I may have to bow out of a before and after this week. But, we will see. MAYBE my kids will be cooperative. Can you picture me sitting in the middle of my living room with a 2 year old running around and a 7 month old grabbing at the bills to try and eat? Not sure how that will work out...

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