Hot Spot #3

I have to say, last week I failed miserably at dealing with the paper clutter around my house. Well, I have it all in one big plastic be dealt with at a later date :-) I knew that I wouldn't be able to get to it with everything else that has been going on, mainly two littles and *still* trying to settle into the upstairs. Totally jealous, by the way, of Simply Authentic who was able to completely move across the country and settle into a new place in 10 (TEN!) days. I was able to at least get rid of all the paper that didn't need to be strewn all over the house, and now we have all the important paper in the bin. It is actually sorted, but needs to be scanned into the computer, and that needs a weekend of its own to do. So in the meantime, I am trying to move forward with a new filing system. It is called - Throw everything away, and try to make sure I don't receive any paper bills/statements etc. We will see how that goes!

The hot spot this week? Children's toys/clothes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, both I guess, we did this hot spot last weekend. I wasn't expecting it for this week or I would have taken before pictures! We were able to get rid of quite a bit. I saved some of the most special items of the kids, mainly Christmas outfits and some really cute jeans that cost way too much for me to just give away. We also have a rule in the house that all the toys need to fit in the toy box, so when it starts to overflow, we start to weed out things. So I am feeling much better about the amount of "stuff" the kids have right now. But, since no before pictures, I won't bother to take after pictures :-)

Instead of doing kids clothes/toys this week, I have been trying to reorganize the kitchen. Yesterday I went through all of our cabinets. I got rid of outdated spices, boxes of stuff we will never eat, and canned goods that really shouldn't be eaten :-) I also packed up a lot of glassware that we are going to put in the upstairs kitchen, as we don't have need for it everyday. The next stop on my kitchen makeover will be the fridge...I definitely need some type of system for the amount of veggies that we store in there. Especially with the summer CSA coming soon...all those bags of greens need to go somewhere! I am tempted to plug the upstairs fridge back in so that we can store some veggies up there too...But, I am trying to reduce our electric bill now that the tenants are gone. All of our utilities actually...especially oil which is out of control right now. Unfortunately, winter seems to be holding on up here...any tips for reducing utilities????

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  1. Bahaha, thanks for the shout out! Didn't expect it--definitely still more to do around the place too but it's a nice feeling. You'll get there--you've got many more distractions than we do with the two kiddos and your hubs working so much lately! So glad you have the option to spread upstairs though--are you going to eventually combine the spaces more into one home again or leave the separation? We got our first utility bills and so we've been turning down the heat (ours is via gas) as we continue to acclimate more to this weather and hub is all about making fires now that he got all of his wood. Beyond that---we've just been making sure the newer appliances are energy efficient at this point. It's funny in a way--the new thermostat hub installed has an "eco" setting...and it definitely doesn't make sense so I'm constantly drop the heat back down! Hope you have a great week and yea for you about the organization! Love it :)


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