Monday again!

It seems like Monday comes so quickly these days! But, this Monday I was actually looking forward to. The official start to Project Simplify and 30 Day Vegan. Of course last night I thought everything would be derailed. I could not get warm for the life of me. It was horrible! I was convinced I was coming down with something and went to bed super early. Sometimes I have difficulty regulating my temp due to my burns, and I think that must have been what it was. Then at about 2am, I was warm, hot is more like it. So strange! But, this morning went off without a hitch. We were all up early because we had gone to bed early. Actually, I don't mind that so much. Coffee was waiting for me, and we all sat down for green smoothies apples and almond butter for breakfast. It was quite good!

I am going to try and give up the caffeine for the month, and really I should give it up altogether, but I just love that cup of coffee in the morning, or my tea...also caffeinated. But, in order for this cleanse to actually work, I think ridding my body of the artificial is probably a good idea.

And I am happy to say that the first "hot spot" for Project Simplify is the closet. I pared down A TON when we rented out our entire upstairs. I had no room for my clothes, and honestly, most of them are so ratty and old and had to be thrown away anyways. I have all of my clothes in my one armoire now, in addition to Emma's dresses. Now that we are moving back upstairs I will have a chance to pare down even more. And it will give me a good excuse for going through the kids clothes...which I need to do...desperately. The one problem living in a house built in the 1800's? No that helps me keep the amount of clothes I have in check. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work the same way for my husband. I think that I will go through his clothes too. I know he will never do it!

So today I am still trying to organize the disaster that is my house. I am slowly getting books and toys moved into our new school/toy room. I mean, I still have the big pile of blankets and sheets that need to be put someplace, not sure where yet. But, it is getting there. Is there such a thing as cleaning your house so you can clean your house? Because I think that is where I am at right now :-) Hope you all are having a lovely Monday!

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