Most people love movies. It gives them a chance to escape reality for a couple hours. I love movies too. Harry Potter...Twilight...any superhero movie based on a comic book, romantic them all! However, recently I have been into documentaries. I don't know if this is neccessarily a good thing though. My wonderful husband took this past Friday off (well, he worked several hours for his second job, but was able to have the day off from his regular day job), which allowed me some time to watch some crazy movies. Some I had seen before, but didn't really remember them, some I had never seen. I would just like to say that red wine and these movies to not mix well! But, I think they are all quality films that people should be seen. Especially brother-in-laws that most likely think I have a major issue and may be corrupting their spouse :-) Without further ado, movies I have watched recently!

How to Cook Your Life
The Future of Food
A Crude Awakening The Oil Crash
Escape from Suburbia
What's on Your Plate

All of these were highly disturbing movies. What brought me to tears? The scene in "Escape from Suburbia" where the city plowed over 14 acres of lush green vegetable/fruit gardens to make way for a...wait for it...ware house...lots to ponder with these excellent films. I recommend them all!

*update* I just realized that none of these links actually work unless maybe you have a netflix account??? I am too tired to change the links now, so you will have to search for the titles on google :-)


  1. Yes! These are all on instant view. I feel like their collection of excellent documentaries has increased a lot in the past 6 months...or I am spending more time searching for these crazy movies :-)


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