I am having an awful time trying to process all that is going on overseas right now. Japan, the middle east, tsunamis, earthquakes, more war. How is everyone else dealing with it? I guess I am shocked with Japan. It is absolutely devastating, and my heart goes out to all the people over there. I can't even imagine that amount of devastation, the pain and fear they must have right now. At the same time I wonder how much of the picture we are actually getting. We pride ourselves on our "24 hour" news networks now, but are they giving us the whole picture. It seems to me that they have been completely focused on the nuclear problems Japan is having, and have completely forgotten about all the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami. Maybe I am not watching enough news...or maybe I am watching too much.

I have been reading that the US and Canada have pretty much sold out of pottasium iodide due to radiation fears. Is it that likely for it to get over here? And if radiation does come to the US, will it be bad enough to take those tablets? And if it is bad enough to take those tablets, will those tablets really actually help anyone? Maybe I am not as concerned because I live on the east coast. Anyone from the west coast feel like chiming in?

As far as the middle east goes...I don't know that I agree with us bombing Libya. I kind of feel like the US shouldn't be looked at as police for the rest of the world. It seems like whenever there is a problem we have to be involved. And then at the same time, when there are problems after we become involved it is our fault. I'm not saying that we shouldn't help other countries, I believe that we should, but I kind of feel like we have so much going on in our own country right now, how can we be expected to help everyone else when we can't even help ourselves? I wonder what would happen if we said to the world that we needed to fix our healthcare, fix our economy, make sure that our citizens had food and housing, and then when we are done with that, then we can help everyone else. I get that even our poorest people are better off than 90% of the world, but we can't be God. Am I completely off my rocker? I guess it is hard for me to see our government pledge money to help other countries, whether by aid to victims in Japan, or my military power in the middle east, when we have $14 trillion in debt...I mean, why don't we just ask China to send some money? Take out the


  1. I know exactly what you're saying! How can we take care of other people when we can't even take care of ourselves?

    As for the radiation, I live on the west coast, only about 2 hours from the coast, and we aren't too worried about it. I could be misinformed, but everything I've read/heard has said that it unlikely that any significant amount could reach over here. I have been out of the "news" loop lately, though. I'm less worried about radiation coming from somewhere else as I am about some kind of disaster happening here. It seems like everywhere else is experiencing something!

  2. Great thoughts Heather. I think a lot of the world is processing everything right now. Sort of a reassessment yet again of priorities and the USA's role in the greater picture. I agree too that we should focus on home, but I do feel sometimes even more for those that have never had the opportunity to have even a quarter of that which we so freely do have...I don't know it's a hard balance to think through. I'm not a huge fan of us getting involved in more conflicts, especially when we're not done in Iraq (even if the media is saying we pretty much are) and we're going to be in Afghanistan for a while still. Our defense budget is large enough already and too small in other areas.

    Being back on the west coast, I've heard a lot of talk about "stocking" up but more that it's an over-reaction than really needing to do so. I don't know that any of the individuals I know are really worried about it. One thing that did come to light with recent events though was that with all the money we've been putting into emergency preparedness (which ironically is a segment of my larger field) still isn't effective nor efficient.


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