recipes for the week!

We just got the new recipes for the week, and I have to say I am really excited. There is so much variety, meaning I won't get bored, and hopefully Matt won't notice the lack of meat in the meals. Not that we eat a lot of meat right now, but when I tell him we are doing "vegan" he has all of these assumptions, which are wrong, but he is a typical american meat and potatoes kind of guy!

A lot of the recipes have ingredients that I already have in my cupboards, which makes it so much easier to do for me. Being on a tight budget I was slightly concerned that I would end up having to buy all these expensive vegan specialty foods, but so far, not the case at all! I think the hardest part will be breakfasts. I am fine just having a green smoothie, but I can picture Matt needing something more substantial, so I am thinking potentially giving him some granola and almond milk, or maybe some homemade bread and almond butter. That should do it. As far as the littles, well, Jack will be getting the benefits of my good diet by nursing, and Emma, well I think that she will be pretty easy to satisfy, as long as she can continue having eggs she should be good :-) Granted, eggs, totally not vegan, but we buy them from a great farmer at the market so I feel fine about giving them to there are days when all she will eat is egg something. For being 2, that works for me. Plus, she too is still nursing, so bonus for her too :-)

My plan is to try and get to the grocery store this afternoon, but I am not feeling too confident about that. Maybe when Matt gets home from his other job I can do that. This weekend looks to be completely insane. Tomorrow we have a gathering at a friend's house for all the young couples at church...child care provided, yes please! Of course it is my mom who will be watching my kids, all the nanas and mimis and grams will be there for the babes. I will be snowmobiling, at least for a little while. Then Sunday it looks like we will be having a last minute trip down to Mass to see my brother and sister-in-law to help them in some possible big changes down there. Add to that we are supposed to be moving all of our furniture upstairs and Matt has to work because his work deadline is fast approaching...have I mentioned how crazy my life is lately??? Prayers would be appreciated! I need some serious stamina to keep up with a 6 month old, 2 year old, and a husband who tends to work 80 hours a week...Can I go on vacation yet???

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