return to normal

My house is starting to feel normal again. Now, it is not by any means completely settled, but I am seeing progress, and that makes me happy. Yesterday I was able to get our dining room completely cleaned out and turned back into an actual dining room. Before it was being used as a library/toy room/storage space for who knows what. But now? Just dining room...ok and I have all of my books on the built in shelves, but that doesn't count, because they are built in shelves! What else should I put there?!

I am slowly getting my way through the enormous amounts of clothes that we have. Isn't it funny how much you accumulate. I realize that I have 2-3 pairs of jeans in sizes 2-8 plus maternity jeans and my post c-section jeans that don't sit on my scar. I need that many jeans? And honestly, what are the chances that I will EVER be a size 2 again? Not likely, at least not in this lifetime. I really could do with a complete wardrobe makeover, as in getting ALL NEW clothes, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon either. So instead, I am going to make due with what I have and hopefully get a couple new things to make me feel a bit better about going out in public. Hopefully I can keep said new things from being destroyed by the two little sweet ones I care for all the time...haha!

On the docket today? More organization. Wouldn't it be nice to get all of Emma's school stuff put on shelves, have all of the games put in neat little bags and put in the closet? All of the toys that are in the house in the one toy box we have? Yes, that would be nice. My goal is to only allow what fits in the toy box stay in the house, and then when it starts to overflow, get rid of stuff. So far I have been doing pretty good, but we haven't really revisted the toy box since Christmas, and since the toys tend to be well, I'm not sure how much we have :-) Obviously not everything fits in the toy box, her mop and broom and guitar all get to stay out, and we have a basket of "friends" that she keeps pretty neat, but everything else has to be in the toy box. Luckily she is at an age where it isn't that big of a deal to get rid of things, and surprisingly she likes to go through her toys to figure out what she wants to give to the kids that don't have as many toys as her.

PS I think I am gaining weight by eating all the grains that I have been eating on this 30 Day Vegan cleanse!!! Obviously more veggies are in my future :-) Or maybe it is stress??? I need to do that 2 minute relaxation thing again!!!


  1. I feel the same as you on getting a whole wardrobe makeover! I finished cleaning yesterday and even though I still have a decent amount of clothes left, that's only because I had to save something to wear, otherwise they'd all be gone! haha.

  2. That's great that you got so much done yesterday! Must feel good!!! I did not have a productive day, oh well! Oh and I need some new clothes too - adding a few little Spring items always is a good thing! Do they have that thread-up for adults? hummmmm

  3. Heather, I am so right there with you! Little ones are now big have been traded in for cell phones and laptops...still lots of stuff to manage, thanks for the heads up on the 2 minute thingie, I must have skipped over that.

  4. Good golly--I don't think I've ever been a size two! :) Love your thoughts on all the simplifying and cleansing processes--sounds like your organization goals are great. Hope it continues well....and yes, I have to say from experience the best vegan diets are heavy on the veggies/fruits and with enough grains to supplement....


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