Tomorrow is THE day...

You know the one I'm talking about...the one where I decide to go vegan for 30 days AND try to organize my house. Yeah, it should be interesting to say the least. I will tell you this weekend has been challenging. With our tenants moving out I assumed I would be completely moved into the upstairs this weekend, making my "project simplify" quite easy. In my dream like state I assumed that I would have all the furniture moved, the entire house cleaned from top to bottom, and all of my clutter...well de-cluttered. How wrong I was!

So, in anticipation of pictures being posted, please bear with me! I am slightly concerned people will think I am a slob. Maybe that is ok :) Maybe there will be other mamas whose pictures look like they are slobs too! That is my hope anyways...

My other plan? To have my kitchen look as lovely as all the other kitchens that have been shared on the 30 Day Vegan blog...yeah...not even close! I had hopes of getting everything organized and in lovely glass jars, ha! Instead, I have empty wine and beer bottles on the counter, and some pots that definitely need to be washed by hand instead of going through the dishwasher. Well, at least I was able to get to the grocery store sans babes and buy what I needed...for the most part. I still need to get some more quinoa...any idea how long quinoa stores for? I have some in a mason jar but can't remember when I bought it...probably 6 months ago.

On the plus side? My bed is upstairs, granted, my clothes are downstairs...but that is beside the point, the bed is upstairs! Which means we get to sleep in a pretty empty room, ahhh...relaxation :-)

How is everyone else doing? Am I completely off my rocker for attempting these challenges???

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  1. I'm starting the challenge tomorrow as well (the vegan one...though, in all honesty, I probably will have my morning and evening cup of hot chocolate). For me, change is gradual - if I do it too fast then it becomes stressful and chaotic.

    I ordered the Organized Simplicity book from my library. Sounds like a good challenge. I'm going to follow along on that one as well and try to do some of the activities...though it may take me much longer than a week!



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