The weekend that wasn't

Why is it that I always think that I will accomplish so much on the weekends? Honestly, I don't think I have accomplished something on the weekend in the past 7 months...probably a bit longer. I guess that lines up right with when I had Jack. I have to say that I am definitely having a difficult time with all the mess that is around me constantly. Matt is working a second job now, and not having him home much is definitely taking its toll. Funny how much you rely on something as normal and expected, and then it is gone. Not the most pleasant of feelings!

I have been reading a lot about happiness lately, since I have been feeling in a bit of a funk, and am starting to understand that no one is going to help me feel happy. I have to feel it on my own. And in addition to that, unless I start doing the stuff I have been talking about, it will never get done. Not that I am expecting some lovely maid to come in and give my house the once over (although, if said maid is reading and would like to come over, just let me know!), but there are a lot of projects that I keep hoping the hubs can do, but he obviously doesn't have time for.

So this week, I am going to try and DO some of these things that I have been thinking about for so long. Will it work out? Well, most likely not the way I am hoping, but I have to give it a try right? So here is to alphabetizing my enormous book collection, organizing my craft supplies, and getting Emma's school books ready for the week! Now if only I could have a helper with the littles while I am attempting these endeavors...

As an aside, I need to confess that I had eggs yesterday. We went out to breakfast and I had scrambled eggs and toast, and then I had pad thai for dinner...also with egg. I am actually feeling fine about it though, we can't always be vegan in this house, no matter how much we try. But, back to it today with the most delicious veggie wraps for lunch, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumber, avocado with some delicious tahini sauce on a tomato basil wrap...yum! And my husband was even loving it, although he had his sans tahini sauce. Instead with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper. Rice noodles and stir fry veggies are on tap for dinner tonight. And I am also looking forward to finding out what this week's hot spot is for Project Simplify!!

And I will leave you with a picture of my sweet little babes. These two are the best reason to NOT clean up your house and organize :-)


  1. BEAUTIFUL picture of these two! LOVE THIS! J is looking like a shrimp - E always is too but two darn cute shrimp!

    Amen to enjoying a little R, R and egg sista

  2. I found out that I don't care for tahini sauce - too bad I couldn't pass it on to you.


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