I have been thinking about it again...disconnecting the internet/tv/cell phone etc. Why? Well, I read a post over at Fimby. She lost power from the snow storm we had on Friday (yes, snow storm, we got about a foot), and it sounded nice. Her family sitting around together while her husband read to them all. I think I am longing for a simple time. Of course, nothing is ever simple in my life. I just keep striving for that balance, and maybe completely getting rid of technology would be the other end of the spectrum...but I haven't tried it, so maybe it would be a nice break!

The thing is, I know that there are a lot of people out there that don't have as many electronics humming in their homes right now. Plenty of people are without internet, and even TV's now. Not that I would get rid of the TV completely, I think I would still need to watch movies once in a while :-) There is e-mail to consider, it's how people communicate today. Not that it is a bad thing, but sometimes it is nice to receive a letter in the mail, even if everything you write in the letter is already outdated since you e-mailed that person the next day. And banking...all of my banking is online...but do I really need to have internet access to get through all that? Maybe it would be more pleasant to go to Barnes and Noble on Saturday morning and take advantage of their free wireless internet.

I have this blog now, and obviously keeping up with it would be nice (however, I tend to trail off on the same old stuff every post...), but I could still write posts and then just post them when I have access to the internet. And my husband does work from home so he needs the internet...although he has been working at my mom's the past month (just down the road), and that has been pretty good actually. I guess it is kind of cheating that I can walk 2 houses down and watch all the cable tv I want, and have access to wireless internet...but it wouldn't be in my house. What do you all think? Am I completely off my rocker?

I guess I will have an opportunity to see what that is like when we go on vacation this summer. We are going to the land of no cell phone service to a lovely camp on a lake. I am really looking forward to it. Granted, that is in August, so I don't know if it will be a test so much as normal by the time the end of the summer comes around. An as an aside, if someone wants a pen pal out there, let me know! :-)


  1. If it were up to me, I would get rid of the cable in our house. We already don't watch it except for the news anyway.

  2. What if you choose one day every week to go no TV/internet/cell and see how it feels? We had cable in Louisiana but here we don't and I didn't have TV the last two times I lived here either. I don't ever miss the TV--we have netflix instant and dvd so we can still watch movies and instant shows if we so desire..and it saves us money.
    Internet I love---I've gone without before but really always appreciate being connected to other people. But if you have access should you desire two houses away---not too bad!
    Might be worth a trial, but I'd do a trial prior to actually getting rid of it officially!


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