Riot for Austerity

Well, I figure I should break the news to my husband that we are going to join this little foray into sustainability. Sharon Astyk is starting up the Riot for Austerity project again this June. I found out about this a couple years ago, but it was at the end, and it seemed like the project blog had gone away, and I wasn't part of the yahoo hopefully this time it will be able to make a big impact on all aspects of our lives. I know the biggest challenge will be oil usage. In Maine, most people use oil for heat, not natural gas, and definitely not electric. And in this big old house, we use a lot of oil, no matter if my thermostat is set seriously low. Our hot water is also off the oil, but it at least is one of those on demand tankless water systems. My hope is to install the woodstove that we have. What are the chances of replacing the roof AND installing a chimney this summer? Definitley looking forward to starting this, anyone else want to try???

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