Sorry so quiet around here!

It has been pretty busy around here as of late. Friday was my birthday...the big 3-0...not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. I think I am still in denial that the past decade has gone as fast as it has. We had a lovely day of going to breakfast and going to the book store so I could drool over all the books I want. I always say that if I have to get a job outside the home, I think I would like it to be at a bookstore. Although I am all for getting rid of the stuff of our home, books could never be in the "stuff" category. It was a lovely day where the hubs didn't work AT ALL! Yay for me! First time in a while that we could just relax and not worry about how many hours we need to make up :-)

The other reason the blog has been quiet...well my lovely daughter decided she needed to water my computer. Yeah...just what I needed...a forced shut down of the internet :-) Add to that I had fraudulent charges on my credit card and need to change all of my auto payments...always something I suppose! But, I am getting the computer back on track. I have a laptop, and the mouse no longer works, have you ever tried to tab through a website to get to what you want? It isn't even worth the time! I got an old mouse from my mom now, and so far everything else seems to be ok. Let's keep our fingers crossed because a new laptop is NOT in the budget...not even the no interest Best Buy kind of way!

Yesterday was finally a semi-nice day, and I was able to get outside with the kids and rake out the front gardens at my house (the flower ones). I need to figure out what I am going to do for a veggie garden this year, and hoping that the rain stops so I can do that this weekend. I need to get some manure from our friends to spread once I figure out where I am going to plant...and what...Mother nature has been cooperating with my procrastination this year though, seeing that it is the end of April and still getting down to freezing at night. Oh, and raking/pulling weeds with an 8 1/2 month old baby on your back, yeah, that is hella hard work! Last night I couldn't move off the couch :-) With the rain the rest of this week I will have a big of a healing time before I am back at it this weekend!

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  1. Well happy belated birthday!!! It sounds like it was a great day w/ your hub not working and being able to visit the book store :) Unfortunate about the water on the computer but glad it appears to be working anyway. Kids always wanna try to most interesting things ;) I'll look at some of the stuff I've been reading and try to get some titles to you of the ones I like! Two fiction books I just suggested to one of my gal pals: The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe and The Island by Victoria Hislop


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