We have carpenter ants again. I hate them. We have a HUGE pine tree near our house that has been infested for several years...ok at least since we bought the house. The tree needs to come down, unfortunately it is really too big for us to do ourselves, way too big actually. The other problem? It isn't actually on our property, technically it is on the neighbors property, conveniently left outside of his fence though...And I'm not sure I can go over to his house and say, "hey, can you pay the $3k to take that tree down?"

Last summer my mom came up and sprayed a bunch of chemicals around our house because I had told her we had ants (she was very well meaning, but I wish she had asked first!) After she sprayed, instead of having an ant here and there, we had HUNDREDS, and they were everywhere...surprisingly not in the food...luckily. We waited for the poisons to work, but these suckers are tough. Ant traps don't touch these bad boys either. So I did some research online and found that Borax is supposed to work.

I guess they think that the Borax is food and bring it back to their queen who ends up dying, and then then the other ants either leave or die as well. Luckily we use Borax for our homemade laundry soap, so it is always available. I put a thin layer of the stuff at the back of our counters, and within a few days we noticed that the ants were gone. Or maybe they were hiding, since they are back this year. Today I will be putting Borax around the counters and hoping that they disappear again...especially since we are to have company Friday afternoon. Nothing says "Welcome!" like big fat carpenter ants crawling on your walls!


  1. Ugh...I hate ants. We too have had issues with them, although not yet this year. I wonder if the rain is keeping them away? At least we will hopefully be out before they get too bad. Good luck with the Borax!!

  2. Hopefully the borax will work again. Never want those big ol' ants around your house by any means. Maybe you could approach the neighbor about going half in on cutting down the tree? If it's technically his property anyway....??

  3. I used borax and it worked....I had teeny weeny ants all over near the door, and the rain only made them worse!

  4. Carpenter ants are bad news.

    I did some reading about them and saw something about how they come in at the beginning of spring, but then, usually go back out without doing any damage - unless there's rotted wood in your house, and then ... well, you know.

    We used to have a lot of problems with ants - but they don't seem to be coming inside much anymore - at least I'm not seeing them, which may not be such a good thing, as they may be finding what they need inside my walls ;).

    I hope the Borax works for you.

    By the way, I very much enjoyed meeting you on Saturday. The pleasure was all mine, and I hope I'll get the chance to run into you again. In the meantime, you have a new "follower", and I'm looking forward to following your adventures ;).


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