new computer

Yes...I have a new computer. It isn't entirely set up yet, and probably will take me ages to get everything from my old computer to this new one, but at least it turns on and I can use the internet :-) I am hoping to start blogging regulary again now, so we shall see how it goes! Hopefully my littles will keep their water bottles away from this laptop...or maybe I need to keep it in a locked cabinet..

It has been a great weekend so far though! We had a wonderful 3rd birthday for my baby girl...the time is going seriously fast and is slightly depressing. I also (well Matt actually) was able to get the garden situated, now we just need to figure out what to plant. We were lucky enough to aquire 6 rubarb plants from a friend and those are in the ground. I have my peas and spinach planted in a little garden bed that Emma helped with. Everything else will be waiting until Memorial Day weekend. Typical planting season in this part of Maine. Last year I was planting in March, but since it has been so cold here, and rain just about everyday, no planting for me yet. Hopefully the green house will have some really good seedlings that I can use, since I think our growing season is going to be seriously short this year.

I also started going through my lists of what we need to "put up" this year...and came up with 56 pints of salsa...does that seem like too much to anyone else? I knew we ate a lot of salsa, but I guess I didn't expect it to be that large a number! Better start buying more jars! Is anyone else planning their gardens? Or have you already started planting?! I'm itching for warm sunny weather!!!

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  1. Found your new blog! Glad you have a new computer...what kind did you get? Looking forward to reading more blog posts :)


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