I love it, but right now I am not loving it so much. It looks like we will have rain for the next 7 days straight. Not just drizzle, and not the passing thunderstorm...nope...rain...heavy rain...for 7 days. I can't say that I am pleased with the prospect of being in the house again, but it should give me some much needed time to organize.

Hmm...it seems like I am constantly attempting to organize. I guess with 2 kids and a husband that is normal. I would like to say this is the week that everything is accomplished. What are the chances? I think my mom will be pitching in a bit, which is always extremely helpful, yet I tend to want to just chill and catch up on blogs when she takes the littles. Why is that?

On my agenda for the week? Getting the kids bedroom cleaned out so that we can paint it. Not the most exciting thing, but definitely exciting for me. Unfortunately this means that I need to figure out what to do with all the crap we have been putting in there while moving upstairs. I'm thinking a yard sale is on the horizon. I would actually like to use Tsh's Organized Simplicity but I don't think the kiddos will let me have that much dedicated time...But, we can always hope right?! How do you stay motivated to complete large projects? I'm thinking red wine should help me ;-)

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