sick kiddos...again

I probably should stop planning on doing things, because my plans never seem to come to fruition! I was already to go this morning, unfortunately babe number 1 seems to have some crazy horrendous bronchitis cough thing, and babe number 2 doesn't want to sleep. So I have one on the couch watch "Care Bears II: A New Generation" and babe number 2 on my back finally asleep. Now if I can manage to not get sick once the kids get better, well that would be nice :-)
Instead of the organization plans that I had for this week, I am spending some time on the computer. Something that I can get up from easily enough. I really want to take the time to organize everything. Seeing as how I have over 4500 pictures...and probably about half that in videos, it might take me a while. I'm also attempting to actually network all of my electronics, and that is not so easy when I have no clue what I am doing. I used to know things about electronics, but I feel that it is slipping away from me! And alas, my computer genius brother is just a little too far away to set it all up for I trudge along.
At least it isn't really nice outside! Then I would feel slightly bad for just being inside watching movies and cuddling.


  1. So sorry the kids aren't feeling well. Here's hoping you don't catch it too!

  2. that's wishful thinking...and now i am sick! Figures!


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