CSA weeks three and four and a recipe

I can't believe this week was our fourth CSA pickup! I can already tell that the summer is going to be flying by, booo! Anyways, we have had a good couple of weeks. Moving a bit away from lettuce and spinach and now getting more spring baby carrots, bok choi, and the first of the green onions. We have also been getting baby beets with the greens and swiss chard.

We love swiss chard in my house. I just saw recently on Barefoot by the Sea that she was not always the biggest fan of swiss chard and then she posted a delicious swiss chard saute recipe. But, like I said, we love it here. Yesterday I decided to do something different, because we tend to only steam our greens and add a little sea salt and butter. We had swiss chard and white beans. It turned out really good! I used the little baby navy beans. And since I hadn't soaked them the night before I had to do the quick soak method. Here is what I did:

1/2 lb of navy beans rinsed/soaked/cooked - reserve cooking liquid
1 onion
1 large bunch of swiss chard with stems

Saute the onion in olive oil, I used a good drizzle. Add garlic powder and salt and pepper to taste, add the swiss chard and saute for a couple minutes until the stems start to soften and the leaves start to wilt. Add the beans and a little bit of the liquid to make a thick sauce, maybe two ladles. Add more salt unless you had seasoned your beans while cooking. I also put in some extra onion powder at this point. I am a big onion/garlic girl so do it to your own taste. Stir it around for a couple minutes and then you are done. Serve it up in a bowl with some crusty bread to soak up the juices.

My family was totally on board with this. I think the only additional thing I might do is add some red pepper flakes, because I love spice. I'm sorry the recipe isn't better, I am not a big recipe person, I kind of just go for it :-) I think that instead of garlic powder, fresh garlic would be great, and you could add more onion instead of onion powder I would imagine. It depends on your taste. The navy beans are pretty small and mild, so it was a good match. I also think I could have used a lot more swiss chard, but I used what I had.

What are you doing with the summer bounty in your area? Any new recipes you are trying?

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  1. I got a great, great new recipe sent by my super sista-in-law that I'm trying this week. Love it!


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