Cucumber Beetles...

Yes...I have a bit of an infestation. OK, that is an understatement. They are totally destroying all of my cucumber plants, but not just cucumbers...summer squash...winter squash...watermelon... zucchini...they don't seem to be all that picky as long as it is a squash or cucumber plant. I know that you can put floating row covers over them to help deter the little buggers...but I have't had a chance to figure out how to do that. Instead, I go out each day and squish them with a rock. I'm not sure I am really making a dent in the population though. I planted some more seeds in my smaller bed for pickling cukes, and then planted some more zucchini seeds too, and hopefully by the time those come up I will have figured out the floating row covers. It's definitely sad to see half of my garden getting demolished!

On the plus side, the 5000 tomato plants that I planted seem to be thriving, as well as the peas and lettuce and peppers...oh and the beans are all doing great too. I also have a few pots on my second floor deck of tomatoes, basil, peppers, and cukes. It's the one place that is completely free of pests and animals. I wish it were a bit bigger so I could put even more up there...but potting soil is hella expensive, and I do want to learn to grow food in the ground anyways :-)

I'm really glad that I have the CSA though, it helps to know that even if my seeds fail, I have a backup...someone who actually knows what they are doing :-) I guess I better think about signing up for that winter CSA again too. But what if that wasn't a possibility? I guess I should pay better attention to what I am planting, and what I can do to make the plants actually produce food!

PYO strawberries starts today. I am definitely going to be doing that...most likely next week. There is something about going to a chemical free PYO that makes me happy. Also the fact that we will have strawberries this year (we didn't last year) and strawberry mouth is starting to water just thinking about it. Do you do PYO? Do you try and preserve the fruit so that you can have it all year round? Or do you buy from the grocery store? We mainly eat fruit seasonally, except bananas which my kids can't seem to get enough of. Although, when the choice is between berries and bananas, or apples and bananas it is always what is available locally and what is in season...maybe they know something I don't...or maybe I should just not bother with the bananas :-)

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  1. Ugh those bettles sound horrible! I don't know much about prevention either but hopefully you can get them under control. I remember watching my broccoli get demolished one year and it took me a bit to realize that green catepillars were eating it all up! Never fun to watch potential food for us become food for lil critters!

    The winter CSA sounds great and you should definitely sign up again. So nice to have it available. I'm always in awe of how much of food is available locally where you are there---it's great!

    The PYO sounds wonderful and what a great experience for the kiddos to help. :) I haven't done that for a while now but I definitely should--we've got a ton of rhubarb that should get mixed with strawberries for jam. I keep saying I want to make jam but just am not doing it....

    Bananas were a morning fav for me every day.....until we did that cleanse recently. Somehow it helped me kick the habit and I think I've only bought them once since then. They definitely are so yummy though!


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