the garden is in!

Yay! We have finally had some sun and warm days. It coincided perfectly with Matt's "working" vacation. I have no idea if anything that I planted will actually grow, I kind of work on chance in the garden department. But, I am very hopeful. I planted quite a bit so hopefully will have some left over for preserving...we shall see! Without further ado!

green beans
yellow wax beans
black beans
jacobs cattle beans
cannellini beans
blue hubbard squash
yellow summer squash
sugar baby watermelon
pie pumpkins
green peppers
jalapeno peppers
and of course about 20 tomato plants :-)

So what I have gathered from this list is we like beans :-) Actually, we eat A LOT of dry beans, and apparently they are supposed to grow well in Maine. So, we planted them. And hopefully we will get some to put in a jar and eat this fall/winter. Depending on how they do this year, I will probably expand next year. And the green beans? Well, we found out this winter that Emma LOVES dilly beans, and I like just about anything that is in some sort of super easy to blanch and freeze for the winter. Out of everything though, I am hoping for success with my tomatoes. I have never planted tomatoes in the ground before...always in pots...lots and lots of pots. But, I love tomatoes, and we eat so many tomato products, that it makes sense for me to plant that many. It makes for a very busy August/September, but it definitely helps. Plus with BPA in just about everything these days, well, it is almost out of necessity.

I really want to be a "master gardener" but for now I am just going on hope. I am sure I planted things way too close together, probably planted seedlings next to each other that shouldn't be next to each other...I would love to take the time to read a lot of gardening books, but time doesn't seem to be my friend lately...The one thing I did differently this year was cut back on the amount of veg I did in pots...I only have 4 pots this year, and one is full of herbs. I have always had so much success with the potted veggies too. But, the potting soil is super expensive, and I have a large yard just waiting to be dug up :-) So let us all cross our fingers for an abundant garden year for this little Townsend House!

And for my wonderful sister-in-law, here are some pictures...although they don't show all that much :-)

And of course I need to show some love for my cute little babes :-)

On a completely unrelated note, we went for a lovely drive yesterday and what did we come across on the side of the road?

Clearly native to our area...


  1. I love this - thank you! The garden looks so great, it's going to be a wonderful harvest....flatbreads all around!!! You'll have a lot to come home to after vacation, when it's full of veggies! Love, love, love the pics of those babes - how cute are they? CLEARLY my niece and nephew. Love and miss you guys!!!!

  2. Heather -- the garden looks fantastic! Glad the weather and the timing worked out :) Looking forward to hopefully eating lots of yummy veggies when we visit this summer ;)

    The kids are getting so big! Even since we just saw them a month ago. My oh my...

    And can I second Jess's "A PEACOCK!!!??" What on earth...very native to Maine?!

  3. Yea---happy gardening! You've got quite the load in there---I'm impressed :) We just got our other raised beds finished and planted on Friday---and I'm with you, I sort of plant, water, and HOPE it will all turn out alright ;) Love the pictures of the kiddos and how fun about the peacock!! Hope you've been having a great weekend!


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