hanging laundry

There is something very satisfying about hanging laundry outside to dry. A couple of years ago my husband made me a very nice clothesline, which I said was mandatory for me because we were using cloth diapers. Running the drier every day or even every other day wasn't my idea of a good time :-) Last year during the construction of new sewer lines the guys destroyed our clothesline (which technically they were/are supposed to fix). Finally, last week I took matters into my own hands.

Yes...I went out and bought 100 feet of clothesline which I then attached to the one post that is still standing from the old clothesline and tied it across the driveway to the stairs that go to our second floor deck. Ghetto much? It isn't just one line either, it is 3, you just can't tell from the picture. You will also have to pardon the kids toys/blue board/and other assorted garbage that is just hanging out outside :-)

Now, although it looks totally horrid, it works quite well, and because it isn't a permanent fixture, I can easily untie the line, fold it up and put it away. Although, let's me honest, I am not doing that unless you are the Queen coming for a visit...and even then I might put up a fight. Yesterday I was able to wash 5 loads of clothes, including diapers, and dry them all on this line. Imagine how much money I just saved by being outside in the beautiful sun while my kids played instead of running the beast in my bathroom.

I think that I could be quite happy only hanging my laundry to dry, in a lower energy future, but I have to second Wendy's desire to keep her washing machine. I think that would be one of my needs...if I had the choice that is. Maybe I would feel different if I didn't have two kids in cloth diapers...The only problem I have is that I don't have a place to hang clothes when it is cold and snowy here, which tends to be 8 months out of the year it seems. I have one drying rack, but that doesn't cut it for the amount of laundry I do. And I just can't see Matt letting me hang a clothesline in the living room...

As an aside, how is it possible that a family with a stay at home mama and a work from home dada plus two babes that prefer to be naked most of the time, creates the amount of laundry that we do? OK, I know I have to do diapers and wipes every couple of days...I know we don't have any paper in the house so that means a lot of towels and rags that need to be washed...but I still do several loads of clothes a week. If I get rid of all the clothes, will this help? Just wondering...because I could do with a little less laundry in my life :-)


  1. Haha well maybe you could implement a naked day ;) Ya know take a page from the kiddos book! :) JK but I totally know what you mean---we blaze through lots of clothes and sometimes it's amazing the stacks that can accumulate. Love your new clothesline though--it looks great miss and not ghetto! ;)

  2. I think little nude under 4 year olds is awfully sweet. You may have to mop the floor a little more but hey, less diapers and they'll stay cool!


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