how do mamas do it?!

I just can't figure it out. If the baby is nursing and the toddler wants to "play circle time" what is a mama to do? If I am paying attention to one, I feel like I am neglecting the other. Sometimes I think that mamas of big families have an easier time of it because they have older kids to help. Maybe it is just me. Maybe I am not able to really engage both of my children at the same time.

I have to say that this has definitely been a trying time for me as a mama, the past few months. It seems like I have a miss independent growing beside me (possibly encouraged by mrs. independent...her mama), and I of course have my little that is needing me pretty much constantly. I feel guilty if I put one's needs before the other, I feel guilty if I am trying to read something to both that isn't interesting to the older. And really, it feels like too much sometimes! Am I alone? Is this normal?

I guess I should be happy that my now 3 year old (yikes!) wants to do so much by herself, for herself, but it definitely makes daily life a little more taxing. What do other mamas do? Are you so into a routine that everything just falls into place? Or is this 3 year old, almost one year old time period with babes really as trying as it seems?

Part of my problem is that I want life to slow down, I can't believe my oldest is already 3, it doesn't seem possible, and my youngest is already almost 1. It is so sad, but at the same time I long for the day when they can play together without the elder bonking the younger on the head with a toy because he took it from her...can anyone relate?

Maybe it is just the season of my life. Too much stress, not enough wine :-) But, I feel better unleashing on my poor audience. Thank you for listening!

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  1. I read this on the road one day but didn't have the time to respond from my phone ;). Definitely have been thinking about it and you though. I'm not a mama so I don't know that I have many words of wisdom but I think being a mama is incredibly trying, taxing, and of course rewarding. Sounds like 3 yo is ready to start branching out, but you're so right in that sometimes it takes 2x as long to let her do it herself, but that's how they learn. I can imagine that both your babes are wonderful little kiddos! Being the primary caretaker can be challenging however, especially trying to give them any individual attention. Hope you're able to get some rewarding moments for you too! Have you ever read FlowerPatch FarmGirl, she's not as earthy but she's wonderful and writes a lot about her beautiful lil fam of 3 kids. Check her out if you get a chance! Sending you lots of love and support!


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