Peak Oil

Why don’t more people talk about peak oil? I mean, I know that it is definitely on the radar of all the blogs I read, but it is not actually ‘out there’ in the rest of the world news. Is there something we don’t know as American citizens? Is it something that the government wants to keep quiet for some reason? I guess a lot of people still question whether peak oil is actually real or not, although I cannot see how they can dispute it. I mean, oil is a fossil fuel, right? And fossil fuel comes from…ummm…fossils…so you would think that at some point people would realize that we would eventually reach a point where the amount of fossils in the ground would be declining. Is that too simple? Am I looking a bit like an idiot right now for saying that?

I know that every one of my conservative counterparts (although, can I mention I am NOT a republican, and am actually a libertarian – very big difference there, but we won’t go into it right now) seem to believe that the tar sands of fill in the blank are going to be our next huge producer of oil. I don’t agree of course. It does not make sense to put MORE energy into retrieving something than you will actually receive from it. Again, I am sure there are all sides of opinions on whether or not that is the case. It seems like there must be something that “we, the people” are missing in this whole equation. Unfortunately, I think it is information, and the fact that there is very little in the mainstream about peak oil, or any sort of possibility of life not continuing at the crazy high consumption level that we are now.

I can’t figure out why we are ignoring what is facing us in the (I think near) future. We are already paying exorbitant amounts for gas and heating oil, especially in the north east where we consume 70% of the heating oil in the country...although not as high in Europe I understand. And now the US and other industrial nations will be releasing 60 million barrels from the reserves, something that has only been done twice before. Not to mention the implications that going into Libya was for a humanitarian effort and not about getting our hands on more oil.

Back to my mainstream media complaint; back in 2006 the Army released a report saying that they needed to come up with an alternative to petroleum as the amount available was expected to decrease and put the army into a bit of a pickle as far as what they need. And it also tells us how there is not a suitable alternative at the moment. I’m sure this was all over the news back when it was released to the public…except I don’t really remember the outrage from anyone over how our military would not be prepared if we did not have an alternative. Maybe I was busy listening to the recalls on spinach at the time to really pay attention…

Now I will get into my crazy conspiracy theories and hope that the nice people monitoring my blog after this post won’t come knocking down my door. I think it is interesting that President Bush has an enormous compound in Texas with a passive solar design, water cisterns that collects rainwater; a grey water system setup…seems interesting to invest so much money into “green” technologies that did not seem to be much of a priority during his presidency. The other part of the equation that I found interesting is that when President Obama was campaigning, he was all about getting everyone out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. Yet, once he became president, he had his meeting with the now former President Bush, and all of a sudden all bets are off. So either we are still in an insane amount of danger from terrorists, or the fact that we are in just about every oil producing country that we could possibly pick a fight with is because we NEED to have as much influence over the oil as possible.

OK, I’m glad I got that all off my chest…and I’m sure that everyone will come back tomorrow to hear me talk more about cucumber beetles and the amount of sex they are having on my plants…or I have totally lost the 3 readers that I have currently J

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  1. Love the last paragraph, you crack me the heck up !!!! And, your posts make people think, which is why they will keep on coming back. Fluff is nice and all but you talk about what really matters.


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