Is it just me or are we having some crazy weather patterns these days? I don't ever remember having tornado warnings when I was growing up, although maybe we had them and I didn't notice...And the thunderstorms with the hail?? We have always had big thunderstorms, not with hail though, but now the hail seems to go hand in hand with the thunder and lightening. Flooding? Always had the flooding, but it was mainly just in the spring when the ice from the river it seems with every downpour some road washes away, and we have flash floods downtown.

Climate change. Clearly it is happening everywhere. I'm not complaining about it. I just don't know how to plan for it. Two years ago it rained almost everyday in June and July. Last year we had an incredibly early I dug out my garden in February and planted in March (unheard of for my cold little spot in Maine). And we had a long HOT summer. This year, we had snow on the ground through mid-April. I didn't get anything planted (except peas and spinach) until Memorial Day. I don't have high hopes for my winter squash hasn't been warm enough. There is no "normal" anymore. It seems like we can't really take past years into account. Maybe for people that pay really close attention, but not for me..a complete novice.

So what are you doing in your area? Have you noticed more extreme weather patterns? How do you plan for climate change? Hmmm...maybe I need to go to the library...

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  1. Shocking - ANOTHER rain filled day here on the coast of NH. 57 degrees - no, not 77 but 57



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