Schooling at home

I know what you are thinking, "don't you have babies?" Yes, yes I do. My oldest just turned three. Ever since I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to have my babes at home with me to learn. It isn't that I have anything against public schools. In fact, I loved school when I was growing up. And I am living in the same district where I went to school. I just feel that I will be able to teach my kids better, having the ability to give them one on one time when needed. And there will be a lot less pressure to conform. It doesn't mean that I will always homeschool, but I think it is a pretty good possibility.

This post, however, is not about whether or not I will homeschool, or about socialization etc. etc. It is instead about my 3 year old daughter, and her insane desire to use workbooks. I had always planned to read a lot of books until Emma was older, which we do. I figured that interest led learning would be good for quite a few years. I did buy a couple workbooks on letters and numbers at Barnes and Noble on sale. I thought they would be good to use in a year or so. How was I to know that she would see them and want to do them immediately.

Now, she has an insatiable need to do the workbooks. All. the. time. I thought maybe it was because there were star stickers at the end of each page. So I gave her stickers to use on paper. Nope, that isn't really what she wanted. She actually wants to do the workbooks. She wants to do the workbooks at 5:30am. She wants to do the workbooks instead of eating lunch. She wants to do the workbooks when Matt comes home from work. It is workbooks all the time.

Is it bad that I try and hold her off the workbooks? Only doing a couple pages at a time. I feel like if I let her, she would do the entire workbook in one day. And considering I only have 4, I'm not sure how far that would get me. Then part of me thinks if I let her have at it she will be bored with them after a couple days. I figure not letting her do them constantly is probably a good thing, then she wants to do them everyday, and continues learning.

These workbooks are a far cry from what I expected her to want to do with regards to learning. I figured she would want to do a lot of playing outside and hands on learning. She likes those as well, but, for now at least, she seems to prefer the workbooks. And I can't say that I am disappointed...I was a total nerd growing up and loved workbooks too...

chaos and quiet

My house is always a state of chaos. I like to think I have everything together. I mean, we wear clean clothes...for the most part. I cook 3 meals a day, mostly from scratch. But, there is always noise and toys, dogs and kids to trip over. I have the ability to block out the noise most of the time, which I think is a good quality in a mama of littles :-) Sometimes, however, there is complete silence. That is when I snap out of my daze and run to see what is going on.

Most of the time when the kids are quiet it is for a not so good reason, like Emma going up to the craft room to paint...and painting herself instead of the paper. Or Jack has crawled into the dog kennel...or the water bowl. Or Emma is helping me knit my latest project by taking all the stitches off the needles and using the needles as a magic wand. Clearly I tend to run all over the house looking for the kids when there is silence.

This morning, it happened again. I was just sitting down to read my e-mail (you know, the ones from my close friends groupon, williams-sonoma, and children's place). Finally having a sip of my now lukewarm coffee. Why do I bother with hot coffee? And the dog is laying at my feet, good the kids are giving her a break. As I am sitting at my desk, I notice that it seems pretty quiet in the house. "Oh, crap!" I jump up and run to the kitchen, convinced I will see kids covered in flour and olive oil, or something close to that picture. I come around the corner, and what do I see? Emma and Jack sitting in front of the fridge. "Jack this is an E, and this is an M, if you put them together it is my name. Jack this is the letter C, stick it to the rator (what most people call the fridge ;-))" I tiptoed out of the room as quickly and quietly as I could, and just wished that I had my camera charged so I could take a picture. Ahhh, I guess the quiet isn't always a bad sign.