attack of the weeds!

I love gardening. I think it is so much fun to dig in the dirt, plant seeds, and watch something grow. However, with gardening, comes weeds. Unfortunately, I am not so good on the weeding. I always have good intentions of going outside to weed, but my babes seem to have other ideas. And if I try and get in the garden to weed, either my kids come in to help (which won't be bad when they are a little older), or they take off for their Nana's house. Nothing like seeing a 3 year old running and an eager brother scooting behind her going for the road. So you see, the weeding does not get done as often as I would like.

Last week we had a good amount of hot humid weather, followed by bouts of heavy made my plants flourish! It also made my weeds flourish. It seems that I may never get my garden to look quite weed free before frost comes and kills everything :-)

To add insult to injury, I just saw on come fly with me, how beautiful her "boardwalk" is now that she has weeded. To which I promptly ran outside to take pictures of my yard...while I would like the big garden to look more like my baby cucumber plants that have so far evaded the cucumber beetle orgy in the big garden:

It actually looks like this:

It is like Where's Waldo? only, where's the vegetable plants? I try and keep the tomatoes pretty weed free around the base of the plant...but the paths between the rows...yeah...i definitely should have put down some newspaper or something :-) Ahhh, the learning process of gardening. Maybe next year I will try weeding regularly, and perhaps this winter I can read Vegetable Gardening For Dummies


  1. Haha! Too funny that we are both posting about weeds! What have our lives become :). And you definitely have a much bigger job to do than I did! Mine was grass to help spur them on! Maybe we can help when we next visit? I find it strangely satisfying :)

  2. You are funny - I love the Where's Waldo comment!


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