baby it's cold outside...

Is it wrong that I am starting to think about Christmas right now? I woke up this morning, and it is 59 degrees outside. A far cry from the 104 it was on Friday. It isn't even August 1, and it feels like summer is over! I guess last week was our one "hot" week in Maine. I'm sure we will still have some warmth, I am not completely writing off summer, but when it cools down in July, it gets me thinking about Christmas and all of the planning I have to do.

Last year I was inspired by Plain and Joyful Living to make all the Christmas presents. I really enjoy knitting and sewing and crafting, and overall thought it would be less expensive (although that isn't always the case), and we were trying to dial down the amount of stuff we were giving at Christmas time to perhaps help others realize it was less about "stuff" and more about the time that we spend together. The jury is still out on that last bit...

Anyways, on Mondays, starting in July last year Plain and Joyful Living would post blogs about what she and others in the blog world were planning/making for Christmas. I had so many great ideas! I had lists of gifts, who would get what, what supplies I needed for each gift, the time I thought it would take to make said gifts. I was prepared.

Well, prepared in July is great, except when you are due to have a baby on August 6th...and when that baby needs to be born via c-section due to my previous injuries from a car accident. Hmmm...let's just say that I was completely unprepared for the challenge of having a 2 year old and a newborn and trying to heal myself from a c-section. So all of my handmade goodness was drastically reduced...including all the baking that I typically do every year. Add to this, I had the flu the entire week of Christmas...yeah...that kind of sucked.

This year I have vowed it will be different! I am going to ENJOY the weekends in December instead of making a mad rush to create/buy/wrap/bake something. I would love to be mostly prepared for Christmas this year so that I don't feel like I am running around with my head cut off. I am naturally prone to high stress I think, so if starting my Christmas making in August, I hope to be ahead of that stress...we shall see!

What about you? Am I the only crazy one out there? Probably, but if my sister-in-law could possibly comment that I am NOT the only crazy Christmas fool...that would be helpful ;-)


  1. I think you are SMART to get started ASAP. These things take time (not that I would know) but, I think you have a lot of "life" going on right now so you are smart to prepare!

  2. Not crazy. I honestly don't think about planning for Christmas until Christmas usually (except for budget wise), but in my family for the last few years we've only done gifts for the kids (6 nephews, 1 niece). And those gifts usually are supposed to be something that can USE or NEED. Although I totally usually go for the Itunes giftcard and call it good, which doesn't necessarily fit either category (except maybe the preteen angst that can be temporarily cured by music ;)). Other than that, we do a Christmas tree, play some music, bake a few goodies, and just enjoy each other.


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