CSA Week Five and garden update

We are moving into the warm part of summer, and I am thankful for that. It was a long, cold winter, and then a pretty rainy, cold spring. And with the heat comes humidity, and with the humidity comes exponential growth in the garden!

Yesterday was our 5th CSA pick up, 1/4 of the way through our summer CSA season already. It doesn't seem possible! We got a large amount of lettuce, some swiss chard, many many garlic scapes, and napa cabbage. So I am in for many more salads this week, which I love. I sent Matt to the Farmers' Market last week for more lettuce and other greens, and our farmer commented on how many greens we go through. He couldn't believe we were actually eating them all. But, alas, we are. I am of the mind to eat as much when it is in season as possible, and then by the time I am sick of it, it is gone.

Pretty soon I am sure we will be getting cucumbers and zucchini by the basket full...which is good considering all of my squash and cucumbers have just about been decimated by the cucumber beetle orgy. I actually have a couple of small zucchini growing on one of my plants. So let's hope they get big enough for me to eat them! Who ever would have thought I would be begging for zucchini to grow?! The plant that keeps producing at copious levels so you drop off your extras on neighbors doorsteps and run before they answer the door!

On the plus side I planted a second planting of cucumbers in the small bed where I had my shelling peas. They have all come up and are looking great! Which is more than I can say for the second planting of zucchini that I planted in the big garden...they were eaten by the cucumber beetles before they got 3 inches high. Tomatoes are doing great! Lot's of little flowers growing. The peppers don't seem to be growing at all. Hopefully a few days of warm weather will kick them into gear. Beans are doing well too...just wish I knew which kind I planted where. In all of my excitement (and a pint sized helper as well) the beans were planted any place I could find room...all 5 kinds...some of which are supposed to be for dry beans. So hopefully I will be able to know when they grow what they are...Maybe next time I will label better...or at all. I also have some other stuff growing which could be lettuce, but I'm not entirely sure I planted lettuce...

How is your garden growing? What is in your CSA basket/Farmers' Market this week? Anything you are sick of yet?

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