I really love to knit. I'm not the greatest at it, perhaps because I don't have a lot of time to sit down and actually do it for more than five minutes at a time. It is a nice craft though, especially when I only have a few minutes, it gives me a chance to relax and do a couple rows. I learned how to knit when I was in junior high, but gave it up once I became an awesome high school kid ;-) Before Emma was born, I started knitting again. So she has been watching me for some time knitting. Mostly she wants to help me (not so helpful ;-)). The new thing, however, is asking me to make her stuff. Unfortunately, not just one thing at once, many things...and she wants them now!

When she asked me a couple weeks ago to knit her something, silly me said "what would you like sweetie." Not expecting more than some obscure toy she might want. What she said was "I would like a red scarf, a pink coat, a blue hat, green socks, and a toy for ellie...oh and some mittens" Certainly was not expecting that. And now everyday she seems to ask me for the same things...although in different colors each time. She doesn't really grasp that it takes me a little while to make said things...and the changing of the yarn colors isn't helping!

This week, while we are away, I will be doing a lot of knitting...and hopefully can accomplish what she has requested. At the very least, I now know what to give her for Christmas :-)


  1. That's awesome! I love her list complete with specific colors :)

  2. She's going to be a walking rainbow! Cheery, as always!

    I hope you guys have a fabulous week!!!!

  3. Haha that's hilarious---glad her Xmas list is complete ;)


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