Mad Men

I have heard a lot about this show over the past year or I was very excited to hear that Netflix now has it on instant view! Yay! I watch so many crazy documentaries, it will be nice to have something that it is a little lighter...well...maybe not lighter...but different :-) We don't have cable, so we watch whatever we can find on Netflix and Hulu.

Do you have a favorite show? Or are you a documentary junkie like I am?


  1. My Mom's very favorite show. Looks great, as an advertising major, it always appealed to me. Too bad the tv tends to favor Dr Who and I tend to favor blogging :/

  2. I just don't get the obsession with dr. Who!! Or all those weird podcasts matt listens to now...

  3. Uh, I don't want to admit this....but we're totally hooked on Rescue Me. It's pretty much a male soap opera based on the NYFD, although hub hates me calling it that---tons of inappropriate twists and sometimes the show is a bit annoying but it's instant Netflix for the first 6 seasons and we keep going back too. No cable for us either. Oh and we just heard rave reviews from friends about the documentary Gasland so we have it in Netflix DVD right now. ;)


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