the state of the garden

Well, with all the whining I have been doing, and the fact that I have stopped weeding (except for my tomatoes), my garden still seems to be producing. I have gotten 8 zucchini in the past few days. I think that is a pretty good amount considering all the damage those cucumber beetles inflicted. I wonder if the no weeding bit is helping a know...maybe they can't find the plant anymore because of all the grass that is growing up around it :-)

I have gotten a couple of slicing cucumbers too, and they were damn tasty. It is amazing to me the difference in taste between something you grow yourself and something you can pick up at the grocery store. I can't for the life of me figure out why people stopped growing gardens. I was thinking that perhaps it wasn't always like this at grocery stores, tasteless veg and fruit, totally out of season, or coming from "away" even though we produce the same thing locally. I think that maybe at first the grocery stores still carried what was mostly local as far as produce and meat. Sorry, tangent.

My tomatoes seem to be doing quite well. I have had a bit of blossom end rot on some of my romas. Definitely the result of my not watering enough. Sometimes I forget to water, or something else is going on that demands my attention. Perhaps I shouldn't be gardening unless I can give it a good amount of attention. Perhaps next summer I will have a little more ability as far as gardening and, most importantly, weeding goes.

I picked a handful of green beans last night...well what I think are green beans. They could be yellow wax beans, or immature pinto/cannellini/black beans. Seeing as how ALL of my bean plants seem to be producing the same thing...I can't really be sure. They certainly tasted like green beans. And I have some - what I think are - pumpkins growing in the back of my garden. I don't know where they came from, but they seem to be growing well, so we will see how they turn out.

As for food, we have been eating a lot of eggs fresh from the farm. Yesterday was fritata with swiss chard and sauteed zucchini. Last week I made pasta sauce from some sweet italian sausage from a local pig, fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic scapes. I didn't even season it. It is amazing to taste the flavors of fresh food and realize that they don't need all the extra seasoning we typically use...although I would have liked a little red pepper flake in mine :-)

How does your garden grow? We could definitely use the rain (especially our CSA farm), but I keep getting out there and turning my sprinkler on. I am not looking forward to this quarter's water bill...


  1. Those recipes sound amazing! Sometimes I think the fruit wins over the weed!!!

    Oh, and right there with ya on the 'ol water bill and we still have burnt grass. 98 degrees today? 100 tomorrow? Should be black by Saturday. Bring it!

  2. Sounds great--maybe they really did just need to have the weeds help 'em out. Sounds like you're going to get some good stuff out of it. I too try to monitor and limit the amount of water used--just what seems to be needed. We don't water the lawn or other plants--just the garden.


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