this week...

has been HOT! And I love it! I am so happy to have a few hot days, and try and remember them when winter comes around...since winter is about 2/3 of the year here, I have to soak it in when I can.

Emma is absolutely LOVING VBS! I am so happy that she is having fun. I only wish I knew what she was doing down there for 3 and a half hours every morning...asking a 3 year old "so what did you do today" usually gets me "i don't know, what did I do?" Not so helpful. I have gotten bits and pieces, like the M&M's she gets for a treat, and that she has fallen...a lot...while running around outside.

I am not getting nearly the amount of work done with her gone as I had expected. My little Mr. Jack has had other plans...mainly that I play with him constantly until his big sister comes home and they both crash (and Mama as well). I have to say that it has been really nice though, to have some one on one time with Jack. It isn't something that I ever get, not that I am complaining, but I think he is enjoying it.

It has also been really refreshing. I feel like I am getting a little bit of a break, and that is amazing. Definitely something that I needed. It is hard to be a stay at home mama. Not that it isn't hard to be a working mama as well, but since I don't know that path, I am going with what I know. I am glad that I am getting a little bit of a respite, and planning time for our family vacation in just a week and a half. Instead of being stressed going into vacation, I am hoping to be somewhat relaxed and ready to have a fun time. Does it make me a bad mama to be happy to have some quiet (er) time while Emma is away? I don't think so. I think sometimes we all need a little alone time, even if my alone time is with the littlest babe :-)

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