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It seems like all the blogs I read are talking about kids going back to school. I figured that I would jump on the bandwagon! I will let you in on kids are not going back to school...they are too little :-) Technically, Emma could enroll in pre-school this year, but that definitely is not going to happen. I almost had a heart attack sending her to VBS at church for a week, not sure I could handle sending her to an actual school...for an entire year.

If you have read my blog at all, or know me, you probably know that I *plan* to homeschool. I like the idea of having my babes home with me, and for us getting to learn together. I also like the opportunity that homeschooling allows as far as what we are studying and that I can help her excel in areas that she loves, and let her work through areas she may not love at a slower pace.

One thing I do know for certain, is that we will be schooling all year round, which is why I thought about writing this back to school post. I don't really foresee us taking a break from learning. Of course we will have little breaks throughout the year, but I hope to consistently keep going through the year so we don't forget what we are learning and are able to have a more relaxed schedule. Will my kids hate me for it? Perhaps. But, I think that in the long run it will be good. It will give us more opportunity to study something for longer if we love it, and it will allow them to really flesh out their interests. At least that is my hope!

Is there anyone else out there that does do the schooling year round bit? Or am I setting myself up for a disaster once my kids are older? And parents of kids in school, do you continue to work with your kids throughout the summer months to try and help them not forget what they have learned over the previous year? I'm always interested to hear other's thoughts on the education front :-)

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  1. I'm ***trying*** to have a more structured schedule this Fall with Sydney, which will begin when Riley leaves for school in the morning. As far as the "conventional school year" we try to continue learning throughout the Summer with refreshers, lots of reading, penmanship practice, math skills, etc. Yes, to keep them ahead of the game but also to keep that brain always working. Of course lots of opportunities all around and we hope to continue taking our area all in.


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