boys and dolls

Last year for Christmas I made my Emma a knit doll. She named her Ellie. We ended up buying her a lot of toys as well, mostly educational, but she received a lot of toys last year. The funniest part? What she seemed to love the most? Her Ellie doll.

Now, last Christmas Jack was only 4 months old. He had no real need for toys, and ended up receiving clothes and other "needed" things. This year, however, I feel like he should be getting a toy for his birthday and Christmas. I was unable to make something for his birthday this year, and we bought him a truck that has batteries and plays music, he doesn't seem to care about it too much. Instead, he wants to play with Emma's Ellie doll.

I decided that I would make an "Eli" doll for him for Christmas this year. Matt is not really bothered about such things, which I am thankful for, but I am curious what others think. There seems to be a lot of opinion in the mainstream (mainly the babycenter e-mails I receive) that believe a doll is not for a boy. I think that he is too young for it really to make any difference. And I am inclined to think that him having a doll is not a big deal.

I would like to hear what everyone else thinks though. Is it strange for me to make a "doll" for my baby boy? Should he only be given trucks and things that look masculine? And what do you do if your boy is given a truck, but only seems to care about his big sister's doll? Perhaps it is the soft wool material that attracts him, or the ability to cuddle something besides his mama...just curious what others think. Obviously this is my first baby boy, and the only boy baby in the family, so I am kind of flying solo on this. We don't have any problems with it, but will others think we are causing a future problem? Granted, I am not too concerned with what others think, but I am definitely aware of others ideas :-)


  1. Super cute, I love the Eli doll idea and I don't think it's over the top. Love it!

  2. I too love the Eli doll. After all, aren't GI joes actually dolls?! I figure if a lil boy wants to play with a doll or something else "girly" its no biggie---he'll get sucked into the world of sports, etc soon enough. If you make one, I'd love to see a picture of it!


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