child proofing

Have you done it? I bet even if you have, you haven't really gotten every. single. thing. put away or blocked. I thought I had done it. I already have one child who has been scooting/walking/getting into things for a couple of years now. Then I had my son.

It seems everyday he is able to find some new thing that I have not blocked off. Or the things that I thought I had child proofed, like the outlets, are literally child's play to him. I bought these when Emma was a baby, and they worked out nicely. I was even able to take them out of the outlet when I needed to use the outlet...unlike these ones where you have to pry your fingernail under and hope you don't get electrocuted. Not with Jack though. Nope, I have to put the outlet protector in, and then block it off with a chair, or a box so he doesn't try to remove them.

Or the side tables next to my living room furniture. Emma never tried to pull them over...but Jack...Jack thinks they should be laying down. Totally fine if he wants to pull them over, they aren't fancy, just side tables. But, when 3 full Klean Kanteens are sitting on said side table...and he pulls the table isn't such a pretty sight!

My final problem? The stairs. When Emma was a baby we hadn't moved into the upstairs of our house. It was still blocked off as a duplex. We did eventually move up there, but we only used one bedroom, and it wasn't suitable for her to be upstairs. I always blocked off the hallway where the two parts of our house were split. Unfortunately, this doorway needs to be replaced, and in the mean time it is an exposed door frame. Emma just ignored it. Jack tries to rip it to shreds with his bare hands. Now we block off the entire room connected to the doorway, our dining room/library. The only problem? Sometimes I have to run upstairs to get something, and forget to shut the gate. Man...for a little guy that doesn't walk yet, he sure moves fast. In fact, I am looking forward to him walking, because at least it will slow him down a little bit :-)

So if you ever visit me, just ignore the many baby gates, boxes of random books crazy outlet covers and strategically placed furniture. It is all for the safety of my second child...any tips? My mom says she just stuck me in the pack and play, whether or not I liked it...I was safer there :-)

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  1. Haha! You have a little Houdini on your hands :) I hope he will be ok when you guys come down to stay next week!


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