Date Night

What do you do for date night? Do you even have a date night? Is it necessary? These are all questions that have been going through my head lately. We have two young babes. 3 and 1 (on Saturday). We don't get a lot of alone time. I still nurse both of my babes, mostly my youngest, but my oldest on occasion, and they don't do bottles, so am I destined to not have alone time with my husband except late in the night or until the kids are older?

I realize that my choices are a lot different than those around me. Most mamas, even if nursing on demand, try to incorporate a bottle at some point so they can get out of the house or have some alone time with their hubby. I tried a bottle with my oldest, but it ended up being a complete nightmare of screaming and not actually drinking the bottle. After several tries I stopped, feeling like these moments wouldn't last forever and I shouldn't make my child miserable just because I wanted to go out for a couple hours. With my baby, I didn't even bother trying a bottle. It wasn't worth the trouble to me.

Now of course I have an older who can go to sleep just fine as long as her dada reads a story, and my younger, well he usually falls asleep after a couple rounds of "Yankee Doodle" and "This Little Light of Mine." And don't get me wrong, I am able to go out with my BFF for a drink at the pub, but some alone time with my hub? Not so much. Perhaps part of the problem is that we don't have a babysitter that we can use. My mom travels during the week for work, and we don't have any other person who I am comfortable enough leaving my babes with.

What do you do? Do you ignore "date night?" Do you just go and not worry about the kids at all? I don't think I could do that. I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself, and instead would be miserable while out and rather be at home snuggling. Maybe I am weird or in the minority...maybe there are others out there like me...or maybe there is some trick I don't yet know about. Please share your own experience/choices! I would love to hear them!

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