This week we received cabbage and green onions in our CSA basket. I love cabbage. I had thought about trying to make sauerkraut, but instead was inspired by a recipe I had seen on Barefoot by the Sea for a spicy cole slaw. It was absolutely delicious! I love anything with spice, and this was an easy dish that hit the spot. Of course you are supposed to serve it with pulled pork or some yumminess like that, however, this ended up being our main dish on a warm summer eve.

Maybe it doesn't look as good as it tastes, but the recipe is definitely worth repeating. And just an FYI, I definitely used more than one chipotle in adobo. I can't get enough spice...even when it is hot outside :-)

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  1. I love this easy and delicious recipe! SO good and like you, I make it sans pulled pork but it's the best Summer salad I've tried in a long time!


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