Hurricane Irene

I guess you can still call it a Hurricane at this point, although it doesn't seem to be nearly as fierce as predicted. I think more than likely it will be downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it hits us. However, it has already "hit" us. We have no power right now. I am actually writing this blog post on a legal pad...with a pencil. My hand is already cramping and feeling the strain since I rarely write on paper anymore. Yes, I could use my laptop to type, but if the power stays out for a while...which I expect...we may want to watch a movie later on :-)

So we have no power. The fridge is off, no charging electronic gadgets, no light, and no electric stove. At first it was a bit eerie, the silence, it always is when you lose power (although it doesn't happen that often here). I had about 5 minutes of quiet before the neighbors generator kicked on. I'm not faulting the neighbors for having a generator, not in the slightest, but I wonder if the need for the generator really is after only 5 minutes. I mean, food in a fridge (in these temps anyways - low 70's) should keep for a couple hours at least. Deep freezers should hold for a few days. So what is the rush to turn on something using fuel? It is still light outside. It isn't as though we NEED lights on. We have public water, and that will run for at least 5 days (supposedly) what is the rush to turn the electric back on?

I guess I shouldn't complain. To each his own, right? However, I have to say that I like the peace and quiet. The thoughts I have *must* be written in long hand. My husband can't login to work if there is no power. It's nice to have the peace. The peace and quiet of a non-electrical world...except for that damn generator next door ;-)

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  1. Love this. The first winters we had power knocked out for a day or so, I really didn't mind it. Hub and I talk about how really it's more like camping---extra layers, reading for entertainment and talking, and as long as you've got a propane grill, you can eat! ;) Glad you survived alright---hope you continued to have some peace and quiet--everyone needs it.


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