i think my husband has turned...

Ever since we went on vacation, my husband seems to be a little bit more like me. Yesterday, he called me up and asked me to look for land in remote areas because he is slightly concerned about TEOTWAWKI. I'm not going to lie, I am very happy that he is finally coming to some of the same conclusions as I am, but it is slightly strange. My hubs had been the typical American who believed he deserved whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, whatever the hidden cost of said item was. That may be a slight exaggeration. And I'm not sure he still doesn't feel that way...maybe he will comment and let us all know :-)

What I am talking of, though, is a shift in his mindset. Now he is more concerned about preparedness, and trying to be self-sufficient. Things that, until recently, I know he just totally blew off and ignored when I was talking about them, hence writing on the blog and sending e-mails to my sister-in-law which sufficiently scared the bejeezus out of her :-) But, now he is thinking about having a large parcel of land, away from people, where he can hunt and build and do whatever he wants without restrictions on his land. And I am excited about being able to move forward with two people coming to these conclusions instead of just one :-)

But now who knows what we will do. I mean, I am enough crazy for the both of us...but two crazies? Hmmm...And it is funny because 10 years ago I was the same person as he was, that's why we got along so well and ended up married in the first place. Who would have thought we would change so much in a few short years! What about you? Is your significant other like you in most ways? Or are you crazy like me and trying to turn anyone that will listen to you onto your crazy ways?

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  1. Well I would think it would be a good thing no?! How awesome that he's getting on board :) Will be interested to see if this parcel of land develops into something! My hub is very different socially, politically, and financially than me, but he's into healthy eating, local shopping, home cooking, etc. When we first were getting together I read him excerpts from The Body Toxic about the chemical effects of what we've created....and he definitely jumped a lil more on the eco-safe bandwagon....although over time some of that has lessened.


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