Preparing for Irene

There has been a lot of talk in the past few days about Irene. Even all the way up here in Maine. I'm not entirely concerned, typically hurricanes fizzle out before they make it all the way up here. We do tend to get a lot of rain though, which isn't the greatest for my basement. The water just seems to pour in from the foundation walls forming a nice little stream downstairs. Luckily it all drains right outside again, we have a hole in the basement that all the water is directed to.

I have been thinking a lot about being prepared though. Especially after the earthquake that was also this week on the east coast. We have small earthquakes quite a bit, nothing at all major, just enough to shake the pictures on the walls. Mainly I have been thinking about water. We don't have a well, we have public water, and it comes from a spring, but if we had an extended power outage, I would be concerned about not having water. Apparently you should have 2 gallons per person per day. One for drinking and one for cooking/cleaning.

I think that FEMA recommends storing a 3 day that would be 24 gallons of water for my family of 4. However, I wonder if a 3 day supply is adequate. I mean, if there is an actual disruption to the public water system, will it only take 3 days to fix? And what about all the other people in my town who haven't saved up any water at all...what are they going to do? I think it might be smarter to have at least a week's worth of water...but then again I don't want my walls lined with water jugs. Any ideas on where to put it? Basement is out because it is too it would have to be in the house somewhere...

It's funny that I am thinking about storing water now, because shortly after Matt and I were married, we moved in with my Nana. Nana was born in 1919, and she had jugs and jugs of water stored in a room in her basement. I couldn't understand why she needed all that water. But, now I understand. She is a child of the Great Depression, and she knows that she needs to have supplies on hand *just in case*...perhaps I should give her a call and find out what else she knows :-)


  1. Think rain barrels ;). It's a good way to store water for every day things like watering plants, but it's also great in an emergency - like this one - when there's a chance of having a disruption of power and losing one's water supply.

  2. I keep wanting to get rain barrels, and my town sells them at a discount each year, but never publicize it, so I always seem to miss the you have a good source of where to buy them? Can you get them at Home Depot? :-)


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