The problem with painting one room...

Is that it makes whatever is outside that room look like it needs a new coat of paint as well. I am not delusional in thinking that the hallway that goes upstairs, and the subsequent hallway upstairs looked good to begin with. We have not done anything to those hallways since we moved in. There are pits in the plaster - not a smooth wall in sight! The previous tenant *attempted* to paint the trim...a strange green color. And I pulled the disgusting carpet up as soon as we opened up the house a few years back...and now there is carpet from my childhood bedroom covering an interesting tile work. But now, walking out of the newly painted kids bedroom, I see that I have so. much. more. work to do.

I considered putting up wallpaper in the hallway since it would cover a lot of the more unpleasant areas on the walls, but wallpaper is expensive! My next option is to paint over everything with some nice white paint, and hope that it brightens up the area. Problem is? I hate painting...I never thought I minded it that much, but when we bought this house I painted every room, and I realized that I hated "fixing up" a house. Why we thought of a fixer upper to begin with I will never know ;-)

My new plan? Try and get some bright white paint and hope that makes it look better until we can afford to redo all the walls upstairs - we hung all new drywall downstairs when we first moved in. Any tips on brightening up a not so nice area in the house? My other idea was to hang huge amounts of artwork on the walls...lord knows we have enough between the works of art that Emma creates hourly and the amount of pictures I have in boxes...ideas welcome!

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