Productive Day!

Yesterday I had an extremely productive day. Well at least I thought so. I was able to can 4 pints of dilly beans and 5 pints of salsa. I also froze a gallon of green beans. And to top it off I painted one wall in the kids' bedroom. Granted...there are a lot of pro canners out there who, I am sure, are able to can a lot more than 9 pints in a day. However, I am still a newbie, and snapping all those damn beans took FOREVER! And I also dried a tray of cherry tomatoes in the oven...although those were gone by last night...I love snacking on them :-)

I'm in the *slow* process of finishing the kids room, so that they have someplace to sleep other than in my room. Not that I care that much about them being with us. And even after we have the room done, I am sure it will be a while before they are alone in that room. We co-sleep with Jack since I am nursing him, and Emma has a little bed in a corner of our room all her own. Not getting it all done in a day is not that big of a deal. While I would have liked to paint the whole room yesterday, it just isn't a possibility with the two kids. With one it is manageable. During Emma's nap yesterday afternoon, I strapped Jack on my back and went to town sanding, taping, edging, and finally painting one. entire. wall. I was pretty impressed ;-)

Here are some pictures of my food endeavors:

I'm hoping to can a lot more salsa. We shall see. All the recipes I use come from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. The salsa recipe is "fresh vegetable salsa" which I LOVE. I don't use the tomato paste because I never have any, maybe I will make some this year and put it away for next summer :-) I also don't seed my jalapenos because I like HOT salsa. And the dilly beans recipe is "dilled beans" in the book. I love this book because it has such a variety of recipes. So thank you Cara and Greg for gifting it to me one Christmas. One of the best presents I have ever to the make your own cheese kit from last year :-)

No pictures of my sub par painting skills though! Maybe over the coming weeks I will start posting some before and after pictures of this house. It has been a seriously long remodel seeing as how we bought the house in December of 2006, although it wasn't ready to move into until May of 2007, and even then we only had our bedroom the kitchen and bathroom done. I foresee another few years before everything is completely done, you know, just in time for me to have to re-paint everything!

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  1. Congrats on the canning! I have never given it a go, so I'm impressed by how much you got done yesterday. And on top of that painting the wall with Jack on your back! Lol...that's what my mum did after I was born because I would scream until I could sit up by myself! She wallpapered an entire room with me in a sling :)


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