thinking vs. doing

I am a thinker. I can think about pretty much anything, and think and think and think, until I have come up with at least 50 different solutions to whatever it is I am thinking about. I am constantly having a mind dump, essentially putting everything I am thinking either on paper or on this blog (sorry dear readers!). But the problem? I never get past the thinking.

It seems like I have all of these ideas that will help us, either in food security or with debt or with raising kids or organizing, but I never put them into practice! Why is this? Well, I of course say that I have no time to be doing half the stuff that I think about. But, the reality is that I feel paralyzed because I have so. many. changes. that I want to make.

Have you ever wanted to completely makeover your entire life? I don't mean that I want to switch out my kids and husband for new ones, but I feel like I want to have a drastic change. I want to sell everything and move into a little log cabin totally off the grid. I want to take an extended trip to Ireland. I want to move into an RV and travel around the US. But, I don't. Instead I just think about these things, never doing them.

Why is that? Is it fear? I think partially, or maybe mainly it is. Fear of what our family would think if we sold everything. Fear of how the world would view us if we were to live our lives different than the mainstream. And of course the fear of failing. Then where would we be? If we changed our lives so drastically, would we have any community? Would we be able to find like minded folks so that our daily lives wouldn't end up depressing and causing us to want a new change? Yup, fear.

Have you ever wanted to make a drastic life change, but have been concerned what those around you would think? Or that once you make a drastic life change, it won't be what you want? The grass is always greener and all that...

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